PDA Security

You have your family’s history stored on your PDA, the last thing you need is to lose it through an accident or theft. Anything listed here should not be considered 100% full-proof/safe/secure, because the only way to guarantee that is to lock it away in a bank vault. Over time this may turn into a formal guide.

Pocket PC Software
Nice Start
Nice Start is a replacement for the built-in password module that solves the problems and gives you a lot more. With it you can:

    * Start the Pocket PC with password protected Windows XP like screen.
    * Log off any time so you know your device is protected.
    * Access to vital information instantly without having to log in. The information include date, time, calendar, machine status…
    * Display or access to full owner information in password screen.
    * Have records of all log-in/log-off activities. Setup to prevent many failed log-in attempts or automatically hard-reset to erase personal data.

Now you can have all your important information: passwords, credit cards, accounts and more, in a format that’s secure, easy to access, centralized and portable wherever you want it!

    * Nested categories! eWallet 4.0 lets you have categories in other categories. Organize your info how you want it.
    * Complete card-level synchronization on any platform. Change your cards anywhere, any time, and keep all changes when you sync.
    * Industry standard 128-bit key RC4 encryption to protect your important info.
    * Protection against keyboard logging – fill in passwords, credit cards and other info on web pages without keying them! It’s easier and more secure.
    * As many wallet files as you want. Have different wallets for work, home, family and more. Organize your info the way you want it, and share wallets with family members or coworkers on a network.
    * Complete compatibility across your Pocket PC, Palm Powered Handheld, Windows Mobile Smartphone or Windows PC. Have the same info on all your devices.