Pocket Ancestry

Pocket Ancestry. It was originally known as Pocket Genealogy but the name was changed to differentiate it from other products.

It’s a free program, and looks like it was updated in July, 2005.

Pocket Ancestry is a program for Pocket PC2002 that gives you a possibility to view genealogy information from the file in GEDCOM format. Not all the attributes of GEDCOM standard are taken into account. For the details please see program help. Genealogical data could be displayed in various layouts:

    * list of all the persons in data file,
    * list of “patriarchs” (persons having great-grandchildren, i.e. persons, which have descendant tree with selected number of levels in depth – three levels by default),
    * information about one person selected from the list,
    * tree of all the ancestors or all the descendants of selected person,
    * family of selected person,
    * parents’ family of selected person.

User has a possibility to tune some aspects of program behavior.