Families 1.5 for iOS

Families is an application for both iOS (Universal) and Android (Families for Android is still at Families 1.4.1) that is developed by TelGen Limited to allow users of the Windows/PC genealogy software Legacy Family Tree to carry their genealogy data with them. Families 1.5.0 for iOS is a major upgrade … Read more

Families 1.4.1 for Android

Families for Google Android devices, from TelGen Limited, has received a minor update. Families version 1.4.1 is only for bug fixes – no specific bugs have been mentioned. Families works with Legacy Family Tree, a Windows – PC genealogy application from Millennia Corporation (home page). It will only work with … Read more

Families 1.1.1 (iOS)

TelGen Limited has released a new (and highly recommended) update for Families, bringing it up to version 1.1.1. Even though Families is an iPhone OS/iOS app, it actually works off of a Windows/PC genealogy software applications. It is NOT a stand-alone application. Instead, it works with Legacy Family Tree software … Read more

Families 1.0.2

Families has received another fairly significant update – it now supports Apple iOS 4.0. Whether this includes full multi-tasking support, I’m not sure. It also had an alternative synchronization option added via USB through iTunes. This is significant, since Families works directly with Legacy Family Tree software, which is Windows … Read more

Families 1.0.1

That didn’t take long. After being temporarily withdrawn from Apple’s App Store for a bug, Families is back, with several updates and fixes in Families version 1.0.1. Improvements made to the Families Sync program. Famililes is an iPhone/iPod touch/iPad (iPhone OS or iOS 3.1 or later) genealogy application that was … Read more