Pocket Genealogist 3.00A56 (Public Beta)

Northern Hills Software has a released a major update in their Pocket Genealogist public beta for version 3.0 series. This is version 3.00A56 Public Beta. Pocket Genealogist is a PocketPC/Windows Mobile based genealogy application, and this series is part of the 3.0 public beta series. This release incorporates several major changes, including Windows Mobile 5.0 improvements, as well as a rework of the To Do imports.

Note: Requires re-import of database

To download and view a status of the changes coming to version 3.0 of Pocket Genealogist, please refer to this page (northernhillssoftware.com).


* For Windows Mobile 5, increase the maximum # of records per “Table” from 262144 to 393216. To test, I imported a 200,000+ user database (with 330,000+ source citations) and although slow to sync and the “Find by” functions are VERY slow, it did operate fairly well otherwise. (This was a 150MB database on the device)
* Complete rework of To Do imports. Added new “References” tab on To Do display. Added a new “Find”, “To Do”, “by Repository”.
* LOTS of code “consolidation” especially with regards to the “Lists Views”.
* You can now edit the Individual name (again) on the “Main” tab. Also allow the same for the 2 individuals on the Family “Main” tab.
* Fixed the column sorting for source citations.
* Fixed double date output to GEDCOMs.
* Fixed import of RootsMagic “Last Work Date” and “Completed” date for To Do’s. (And both dates are now shown on the “main” to do screen)
* Legacy “British Quarter Dates” are now called just “Quarter Dates”
* Fixed the output of Calculated dates to GEDCOM
* Fixed the use of freeform dates for Family Historian