CE My Family

Note: This software has been discontinued. The last active version was 2.0, from May 2004.

Name: CE My Family Developer: eMan Software

Developer’s Description:

    CE My Family, a read and write genealogy solution for Pocket PC! Now Supporting Pocket PC 2000, 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003!

    CE My Family consists of both a Desktop and a Pocket PC component, which allows you to make a significant part of your current genealogy work available for referencing and editing – with the portability of the Pocket PC!

    On the Desktop, CE My Family imports and translates GEDCOM data files exported from your primary genealogy program. These data files, which are optimized for efficient use by the Pocket PC, can be copied to and from the Pocket PC using the included CE My Family “Pocket PC File Manger.”

    On the Pocket PC, CE My Family allows you to view information by individual or family group, exposing over 30 of the most commonly used fields for editing. View or edit individual or marriage information, or add individuals ‘related’ to those currently in your file. Both individual and event-based notes are available for both viewing and editing while relevant source citations are displayed, allowing for quick reference to this important resource.

    After editing, the CE My Family Desktop application’s exclusive “Pocket PC Edit Report” provides a detailed report containing all edits made, displaying both the original and edited information for easy integration into your primary genealogy program. CE My Family does not read or write data from your primary genealogy application, thereby, not exposing your data to risk.

Cost: $20 Demo: Download here (cemyfamily.com)
GEDCOM Support: Yes Hi-Res Support: Possibly
Current Version: 2.0 Last Updated: 31 May 2004

Last Updates: See version history at bottom of this document.

OS Required: Pocket PC 2000, 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003. “CE My Family is available for all Pocket PC and Windows Mobile devices running Windows CE 3.0 or 4.2 – MIPS, SH3, StrongArm or X-Scale processors.”

Hardware Required: Pocket PC and Windows Mobile devices running Windows CE 3.0, 4.2, or later.

Space Required: ??? Memory Card Support: Application-Yes/(unsure on data, probably)

Languages Supported: English

Limitations: Limited only by device memory.

Discussion Forums/Mailing List:


Family View

Individual View

Notes View

PocketGear.com (User Reviews)linkUnsure2003Positive
Pocket PC Magazinelink2.9xJan 2005Runner-up: 4th Annual Pocket PC magazine Best Software Awards (2004) – Genealogy
Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletterlink???Jan 2003

Compatibility Issues

    See release history below – some versions of Windows CE allowed multiple copies of CE My Family to run, that could have caused problems. These issues have been resolved as of version 2.0/Rev 2.

20 Sep 2004 – version 2.0 Rev 2

    * This update addresses problems when changing from one file to another using V2.0 Rev 1.

14 Sep 2004 – version 2.0 Rev 1

    * Prohibit opening of multiple copies of CE My Family on the Pocket PC [only effects Pocket PC 2003 and 2003 Second Edition].
    * The Pocket PC user with Windows Version 4.2 can open multiple copies of CE My Family if running V2.0 Rev 0. Having multiple copies open can result in at best, confusion, and at worst corruption of the underlying data file. With Windows CE Version 3.0 the Operating System did not allow multiple copies of CE My Family to open. Version 2.0 Rev 1 resolves this issue.
    * This issue only exists when CE My Family is used on Pocket PCs using the Microsoft Windows CE Version 4.2.#### and does not effect CE Version 3.0.####.

31 May 2004 – version 2.0 – Major upgrade


    * Improved desktop installer – will now recognize installation of Data Access Objects regardless of installed operating system language.

    * Improved GEDCOM import function
    * Every issue that has been brought to our attention has been resolved.
    * CE My Family now passes “GEDCOM Stress testing” with highly developed GEDCOM files designed to exercise GEDCOM import utilities.
    * Increased speed of indexing of individuals and families.

    * Added the thirteen Family Tree Maker “Fact” fields to Notes.
    * Progress bar added when transferring files between the Desktop and Pocket PC. Assures the user of continued progress of the file move.

    * “Forced PPC Reinstall” function added – allows user to reinstall to a Pocket PC to change the installed location or reinstall in the event of a Pocket PC hard reset. Available to registered users only.

    * Computability issues with ActiveSync 3.7.1 resolved.
    * Improved interaction with Desktop OS resulting in elimination of blank screens and indications of “not responding”

    Pocket PC

    * Computability with Windows Mobile 2003 (AKA Pocket PC 2003) improved.
    * Supports multiple database engines – will select the faster of ADOCE 3.0 or 3.1 depending on which is available on your device. Automatically selects the fastest Database engine.
    * General Bug Resolutions.

Other Features Listed by the Manufacturer

    * Edit data on the Pocket PC whenever and wherever convenient
    * Add new individuals and data
    * Search for individual by given and/or sirname
    * Soundex Calculator built in
    * Up to 20,000 Individuals within each data file
    * Number of data files only limited by the amount of memory on your Pocket PC
    * Can be installed to Compact Flash, Multimedia or Secure Data Media

    On the Desktop:
    * Import data from GEDCOM
    * Built in File Manager
    * Exclusive ‘Edit Report’ details only the edited information, easing integration into your primary genealogy program