Pocket Genealogist 2.96.1 Pre-Release

Pocket Genealogist has a new pre-release out – version 2.96.1(Beta Site)

* Change to Surname and Given name processing (All imports) to allowduplicates if the ‘case’ is mixed. (For example, SMITH and Smith are 2different surnames) You don’t need to re-import your Legacy database, youcan start using this feature immediately.
* This changed also fixed a problem with 2-way syncs with the Greek language.
* Changed PAF/FTM Genbridge imports to set the living/dead flag based onpresence of a burial or death event. (You must re-import to see thischange)
* Fix to Legacy V5 2-way synchronizing. (Introduced with 2.96 – would causea “Changes also found in Legacy” warning which would stop the 2-way sync)Version 6 syncs were fine.
* Changed the RootsMagic profile to export notes in the proper format forRootsMagic. (Break lines within a word instead of between words)
* Fix to the “Customize” screens (most imports) to properly display the”checked” items. (Failure would only occur on Windows 95, 98 and ME)