New Palm OS: Access Linux

I’m still not sure what to make or think of this, but apparently Palm OS Garnet is going to be phased out in favor of Linux. MobileTechReview has a really good writeup, here’s a brief excerpt:

Out with Cobalt and in with the new Mobile Linux OS. ACCESS Systems, who acquired PalmSource (the folks who make the Palm operating system) several months ago, at 3GSM announced their new operating system, Access Linux Platform, which will replace Palm OS Garnet in the coming year.

They go on to say “The new OS will have Palm OS emulation for well behaved Garnet apps that don’t hack into Garnet APIs” so there will be backwards compatability to an extent.

Will this open up more genealogy software development for the Palm platform, will it stay the same, or will it hamper it? Hard to say at this point. One thing is for certain – your current hardware and software will not all of the sudden stop working – it should continue to work for several more years.

PC Magazine is covering it

PalmAddicts has a lot of information as well.