Review of DocuPen RC800 has a review of the DocuPen RC800 Scanner. Rob Bushway wrote the review, and discusses his workflow with the DocuPen. For those of you not familiar with it, the DocuPen is a handheld color scanner that is incredibly small. You have to see it to understand just how portable this thing really is. The manufacturers claim you can store it in a shirt pocket, but Rob points out it’s just a little too tall for that. He goes into using it with OneNote and a Tablet PC.

Quote: “Being able to scan, import, store, search these documents is a huge productivity boost. Never underestimate the power of having all of your documents with you in one place. Being able to scan these documents while on site, and then using my tablet pc to work with the document, take notes on it and then have that available to me later is a mobile professionals dream.”

Sounds like something that any genealogist could find handy. For more information and purchasing information, you can view the DocuPen’s homepage at No word on compatability with non-Windows sytems.

via jkOnTheRun