Genealogy Software Databases on Flash Drives

Over at the DearMyrtle blog, there are two different posts mentioning taking your genealogy databases from your genealogy software and carrying and accessing them on USB flash drives. The topic came up as people were talkiong about using PAF or GEDCOM files, and apparently some genealogy software makers make their software available for free at Family History Centers.

The first – Legacy:

I access my genealogy from my Flash drive at the Family History Center. They have Legacy 6 installed on all 6 computers. Millennia Corp gives FREE licensing to FHCs. You might want to mention to your audience that if the FHC they visit doesn’t have it installed, they can request that the FHC install it. The FHC just has to contact Millennia and request the License Key for the Deluxe version.

The second, RootsMagic and Personal Historian:

I didn’t know if you knew this (after reading the most recent entry in your blog), but RootsMagic also offers a free unlimited license to all FHCs to install both RootsMagic and Personal Historian on their center computers. They just need to visit:
to request their free copies for their centers.

Apparently these four applications are available at many Family History Centers (and/or can be installed with special license keys available to FHCs):
* Legacy Family Tree
* PAF Personal Ancestral File
* Personal Historian
* RootsMagic