MacJournal for iPhone Announced

I know quite a few people who use Mariner Software’s MacJournal journaling software on their Macs for tracking genealogy research. Now they can take it with them wherever they go – Mariner Software has announced a mobile version of MacJournal for the iPhone (and iPod Touch). It costs $4.99 and is available now.

It does allow you to edit and add data and then have it synchronize with MacJournal on your desktop or laptop Mac. You’ll need to have MacJournal running on your Mac and have it be on the same wireless network as you are. From there it looks to be fairly easy – simply select the Mac once you’ve touched the Sync button. There are a few limitations – you can only sync with non-encrypted journals for now, and it only allows for image and text entries being synced. Both of those limitations are due to limitations with the iPhone / iPod Touch, and might be remedied in future iPhone OS updates.

It does support both landscape and portrait modes, and it has a search function for going through previous entries.

I used to use MacJournal and can recommend it for a lot of people. I’ve since moved to Evernote ( Evernote) as it offered some functionality I needed at the time and still do (mainly cross-platform – Mac, Windows, Web, iPhone), but I can see quite a few people who will be able to use this.

Read the announcement: Mariner Software

MacJournal for iPhone Download (Price = $4.99): Mariner MacJournal