Introduces New Kindle at $139

Amazon Kindle Genealogy eBooks In response to Barnes and Noble offering a cheaper Nook electronic eBook reader, has responded with a brand-new Kindle at a cheaper price ($139). They’ve also upped the storage considerably, to 3500 books.

Keep in mind you won’t have worldwide 3G coverage for this Kindle – you’ll have to download/purchase books over WiFi or buy them through your computer and transfer them through USB.

* Lower price – $139 for Wifi/non-3G model
* Better, high contrast E-Ink display
* Increased battery life to nearly one month
* Smaller, lighter body, in graphite color
* Can post passages from books to Facebook or Twitter
* Access other websites
* Storage increased to 3500 books (versus 1500 books)

This new price has made things interesting. I still favor eBook readers that support the easy addition of books through Calibre as well as storing them on SD or SDHC flash memory cards, since you are locked in to’s Kindle store, but this will shake up the market.

To view more or purchase the new Kindle, see the new Kindle page at It will be available August 27, 2010.

To see what books are available through’s Kindle that might be of interest to genealogists, please see our genealogy books on the Kindle section.