Reunion for iPad Released

Reunion for iPad was released this morning. It’s interesting, since there is the ability to have a “Universal” app covering iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Leister Productions, Inc. has in fact added enough iPad-specific items to justify a branching of the genealogy apps.

Like the Reunion for iPhone app, you’ll be able to take your family tree information with you, as well as edit and add genealogy information on the go. You can then synchronize this data back to your Reunion installation on your Macintosh. Speaking of which, you will still need a Mac OS X based machine running Reunion 9.0c (Mac Genealogy) to use Reunion for iPad, otherwise it will be useless to you.

For the differences between Reunion for iPad and Reunion for iPhone, please see the Reunion for iPad page. The major differences are that it will have an always-available index listing (people, bookmarks, etc.), the family tree views have been expanded, and it can generally take advantage of the iPad’s larger hardware and software offering – using the iPad’s iPhoto Gallery, more generations of a family tree displayed, etc.

You can purchase and download Reunion for iPad for $14.99 through Apple/iTunes App Store

You can view a video of it in action at Leister Productions, Inc.