GedView 3.0 – 3.02 Updates

This month, GedView has undergone a major update, with a couple of follow-up updates. GedView is an iOS-based genealogy app for iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads.

GedView 3.0 added support for more data within GEDCOM files, including more custom tags as well as mapping (latitude/longitude coordinates) in GEDCOM files created by certain genealogy applications.

The major updates to GedView center around media/multimedia support. Photos, video, audio, and documents are now supported for individual, family, event/fact, source citations, and source entries.

Support was also added that allows you to take photos, video, audio with a device that has photo or video capabilities (such as iPhone 4s) and attach them to records/entries.

GedView 3.0.2
* Fix problem with monochrome images not showing thumbnails correctly.
* Fix crash with 3.0.1 when updating databases from a version of GedView older than 3.0

GedView 3.0.1:
* Fixes crash on startup when the passcode feature is enabled.
* Fixes duplicate children being listed when multiple birth events are present and deaths are not being shown
* Fixes duplicate birth/death events being show for children / spouses when show deaths is enabled.
* Fixes list of individuals for a surname not showing all birth/death events when first displayed.

GedView Version 3.0
* Media items such as photos, video, audio, and documents are now supported for individuals, families, events/facts, source citations, and sources. (See manual for details)
* Support for taking photos / shooting video for attaching to records is now available where the device has a camera / video camera.
* Support for additional latitude/longitude format in GEDCOM files created by some applications.
* Support for more custom GEDCOM tags.
* Bug fixes.

* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

You can download GedView through Apple’s App Store for $3.99.