iPad 3 Sometime in March?

More and more rumors are starting to fly about the next iteration of Apple’s iPad, the iPad 3 (assuming that’s what it’s called).

AllThingsD is reporting that it will launch or at least be announced in the first week of March, 2012.

Rumored Specifications
* Similar form factor to the current iPad 2
* Faster CPU
* Improved graphics processing unit (GPU)
* A “Retina” display running at 2048×1536

Yes, it’s a rumor, but keep in mind that the iPad 2 was launched around the same time last year, March 2, 2011. They expect it to keep a similar size – still with a 9.7-inch LED-backlit display (IPS).

Apple Insider has more information about the rumors, including photos said to show some of the new hardware/components, as well as mention of a larger battery.

Mac Rumors has mentioned a couple of reports that Apple is working to select and bring together certain applications from third party developers to showcase the next iPad, specifically to show off the high-resolution display.

I’m curious to know the following:
* Whether it’ll be dual-core like the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, or quad-core
* Whether the camera will be upgraded from 720p
* Whether AirPlay mirroring on the AppleTV will increase from 720p to 1080p (1080p is currently supported on the iPad 2 with Apple’s cabled adapters). That’s assuming AppleTV is upgraded to 1080p.

If it actually has such a high-resolution display, it could very well take over as a primary computer for a lot of people, once you pair it with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse/trackpad such as Apple’s Magic Trackpad.

For me, it’s interesting from a genealogist point of view for working with photos and documents that I may need to zoom in and examine closely, as well as just a nice clean high resolution display for iOS genealogy applications. I’m also very interested in the AirPlay output for AppleTV. A wireless 1080p output to an AppleTV paired with a large-screen HDTV would be very nice for genealogy-related presentations.