Mocavo 1.0.1

Mocavo 1.0.1 has been released for iOS devices, including some support for the new iPad’s “Retina” high-resolution display.

Mocavo’s mobile app ties into the search engine. It allows you to access real-time feeds, including a look at genealogy data that is being added, whether it be documents, letters, books, or photographs.

You can also use it to take photographs of those those same types of genealogy data and in applicable areas, Mocavo will run Optical Character Recognition software (OCR) against those photos and give you an index of the content. Mocavo’s mobile app also allows you to track your own documents that you’ve uploaded to Mocavo.

Changes in Mocavo 1.0.1
– Fixed “Bad Request” error on search results
– Retina Display Icon Fixed

– iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
– iOS 3.1 or later

Still no word on the Android version of Mocavo’s mobile app.

Link to Apple iTunes Apps Store
Update: No longer available.

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