PSION – Gen5

Name: Gen5 for PSION S5/MX
Developer: Michel Catton (Formerly
Description:Gen5 is a full genealogy application. It takes advantage of its experience owned by « Arbre Généalogique » for PSION S3.

It gives genealogy Psion’s mobility, in consultation as in creation/update. With Gen5, you can also:
* load a GEDCOM file copied (but not convert) with PSIWIN, coming from another genealogy program (PC, …),
* convert your data base as GEDCOM file meant to be used with another genealogy program.

Cost: $24.95 USD

    * After register, a family tree will store thousands of persons, 5 couples for a personne and 24 children for a familly.

Last Version: v2.06
Note: Appears to have been discontinued

I have a copy of what maybe the last release, if anybody needs it.


This page updated: 18 Nov 2008

Former Gen5 website: (no longer active)