Pocket Projectors

iPod Photos, PDAs with video output, laptops, and even digital cameras, have made the days of lugging around a bunch of slide trays and large projectors a thing of the past. You can plug many of those into a large TV or projector, and have an instant family history session, without having to lug a lot of hardware around (assuming you have a large TV or projector).

Now you can take things one step further, with Pocket Projectors – Texas Instruments has managed to shrink these things down to a small enough size they fit in one hand.

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Pocket Genealogist 2.96.8 Final

Pocket Genealogist has been updated to version 2.96.8 Final . Pocket Genealogist is a Pocket PC/Windows Mobile genealogy application. This is a free update for current users.
It can be downloaded here: www.pocketgenealogist.com/download.htm, and you do not need to uninstall your current version in order to install this release, according to release notes.

Important: We made a mistake and were listing the Pre-release versions as the release version. The version announced yesterday, 2.96.8 is the official full 2.96.8 release, and contains all fixes between pre-release 2.96.1 and 2.96.8

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