Shrubs 1.3 and 1.4

Benoît Bousquet has posted on the Shrubs website that Shrubs version 1.3 has been submitted to Apple to be made available in the App Store. It’ll probably be available November 18.

This is mainly a performance release, along with a few updates. Benoit mentions that their testing shows faster file importing and application startup. As a result, the GEDCOM file size limit is being raised to 1MB.

Benoit notes that they believe they will be able to remove the file size limit in version 1.4, which is scheduled to be released before the end of November. Version 1.4 will also include some user suggested features.

Changes in 1.3:
– Improved GEDCOM parsing code
– UNICODE and UTF-8 character sets now supported
– File size limit increased to 1 Mb
– Marked performance increases during import and application startup

Direct app link to iTunes Store: Shrubs

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  1. I just downloaded the Shrubs iPod App to my Touch and am trying to figure out how to import my GED file. Any help will be appreciated.

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