Shrubs 2.1

Last night, a new version of Shrubs 2.0 was made available through the Apple iTunes AppStore (AppStore Link: Shrubs).

Shrubs is a stand-alone genealogy application for the iPhone and iPod touch. You can import a GEDCOM 5.5 data file up to 4MB in size. It requires iPhone/iPod software version 2.2.1 and network connectivity for importing a GEDCOM file.

Important: If you are upgrading from Shrubs version 1.x, you will need to re-import your GEDCOM file.

* Fixed issue affecting individuals with multiple NAME tags in the GEDCOM file
* Fixed duplicate entries issue in individual and union index
* Fixed GEDCOM event parsing issue
* Improved GEDCOM text encoding support (mainly UTF-8)
* Old UI is now available through a toggle in the Settings app (screen rotation will not be available if active)

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