GedView 2.14.2 – New Import Options

GedView, the GEDCOM-based genealogy application for iOS devices (including iOS 4 multi-tasking support) has received somewhat of a major upgrade. Major if you download/import a lot of GEDVIEW files.

GedView for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.) can import GEDCOM files from emails through the as well as downloaded from websites.

With GedView 2.14.2, the ability to download and import GEDCOM files contained within ZIP archive files has been added. Many people have GEDCOM files zipped up on their websites or when they email them since GEDCOM files can get quite large. This should help with that and is, I believe, a first for iOS-based genealogy apps.

* Support added for importing GEDCOMs contain in zip files. The file must be at the top level of the archive.
* UI and Bug Fixes.

GedView is currently available through Apple’s iTunes Music Store