MobileFamilyTree 2.5.2

Synium Software, the developer behind MacFamilyTree, has released a new version of MobileFamilyTree. MobileFamilyTree is a “companion” application to MacFamilyTree, and it allows you to take your MacFamilyTree genealogy information with you, add to it, view it, edit it, etc., and then synchronize it back up with your desktop or laptop installation of MacFamilyTree.

Back in June, Synium Software added Multitasking and iOS4 support with MobileFamilyTree 2.5.1, and with MobileFamilyTree 2.5.2, they are fixing some bugs with MFT running under iOS 4 as well as improving the search and speeding up the load time.

* Several Bugfixes for iOS 4
* Search improved
* Faster load time

Note: It requires a full version of MacFamilyTree 5 or MacFamilyTree 6 ( for Mac OS X.

MobileFamilyTree at the Apple App Store ($4.99 USD)