Windows Phone Genealogy Apps – Added

I’ve added the Windows Phone Genealogy apps and software to

As those of you who are Windows Mobile and Windows Phone users know, there aren’t many genealogy-related apps for the Windows Phone platform. Unfortunately (or fortunately), there is no backwards compatibility for Windows Mobile applications on Windows Phone devices. That’s because of time and resource constraints, and because of the move away from stylus-based input (or partial stylus) to completely touch-based input as well as other hardware and library changes.

As for why there aren’t more Windows Phone-based apps or any true stand-alone genealogy apps available for genealogists, there are some in development from what I’ve heard, however the market share of the Windows Phone platform does not make it economically feasible for many developers. Most have moved over to Android and iOS. With Windows Phone 8, that may change – it makes it easier for developers to port their Android and iOS applications over to Windows Phone 8.

With that said, it should be noted that two of the applications below were developed within the last 5 months.

Nonetheless, there are three Windows Phone genealogy-related apps:
* Cousin Calculator
* Easy Soundex
* FGS – Federation of Genealogical Studies

If there are additional Windows Phone genealogy-related apps that I’m missing, please contact me.

Link to the main page: Windows Phone Genealogy Software