Google Android Genealogy Software / Applications

16 March 2012 We are aware this page is heavily outdated, and the website is being worked on.

Genealogy / Family Tree Applications for Android
Requires: Android 1.6
Cost: $14.99
Last updated: Version 1.4.1 February 9, 2012
Summary: Allows you to take your Legacy Family Tree (Windows genealogy application) with you on your Android device. Handles multiple family files, syncing, creation of new family files.

- Gedstar Pro for Android – Announced – October, 2010
- AGeneDB – Family Tree/GEDCOM Browser, last updated December 2009
- Family Bee – Family Tree/GEDCOM Browser, last updated April 2010

Genealogy-Related Applications for Android
FamilySearch Indexing for Android
Requires: Android 2.1
Cost: Free
Last updated: February 9, 2012
Summary: Allows you to help index documents for It displays snippets of historical and genealogical-related documents, which you then index within the app. You do not need the desktop version of this app.

Other Useful Apps/Applications for Android:
- Evernote for Android – A very useful cross-platform note-taking application
- – Google for Android

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