Google Android Genealogy Software / Applications

16 March 2012 We are aware this page is heavily outdated, and the website is being worked on.

Genealogy / Family Tree Applications for Android
Requires: Android 1.6
Cost: $14.99
Last updated: Version 1.4.1 February 9, 2012
Summary: Allows you to take your Legacy Family Tree (Windows genealogy application) with you on your Android device. Handles multiple family files, syncing, creation of new family files.

Gedstar Pro for Android – Announced – October, 2010
AGeneDB – Family Tree/GEDCOM Browser, last updated December 2009
Family Bee – Family Tree/GEDCOM Browser, last updated April 2010

Genealogy-Related Applications for Android
FamilySearch Indexing for Android
Requires: Android 2.1
Cost: Free
Last updated: February 9, 2012
Summary: Allows you to help index documents for It displays snippets of historical and genealogical-related documents, which you then index within the app. You do not need the desktop version of this app.

Other Useful Apps/Applications for Android:
Evernote for Android – A very useful cross-platform note-taking application – Google for Android

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