Google Play, You, and Genealogy

If you’ve tried to visit in the past week, you may have noticed that you are being redirected to Google Play is what Android Market and Google Music Services used to be – has been re-branded. Google Play is Google’s unified service for Android apps, ebooks, music, … Read more

Galaxy Nexus as a Genealogy Platform

Keep in mind that the article doesn’t delve into specific genealogy apps on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android – that’s for a later article according to the author, but A. O’Brien is documenting their progress in buying and using a Galaxy Nexus as their mobile genealogy platform. The reasons given … Read more

FamilySearch Indexing on the iPhone

Ben Sayer at Genealogy Tools put together a brief overview, complete with screenshots, of the iPhone FamilySearch Index app that was just released at RootsTech 2012. It’s an application (available on iPad and Google Android as well) that allows you to help with indexing genealogical and historical records – you … Read more

Families 1.4.1 for Android

Families for Google Android devices, from TelGen Limited, has received a minor update. Families version 1.4.1 is only for bug fixes – no specific bugs have been mentioned. Families works with Legacy Family Tree, a Windows – PC genealogy application from Millennia Corporation (home page). It will only work with … Read more