GedView 2.16

GedView version 2.16 is now available. Please note, there is no GedView version 2.15 that was publicly released – the last version released was GedView 2.14.2 which added some new GEDCOM importing options. Speaking of GEDCOMs, GedView is a genealogy application for Apple’s iPhone OS/iOS devices that relies on importing … Read more

Families 1.0.1

That didn’t take long. After being temporarily withdrawn from Apple’s App Store for a bug, Families is back, with several updates and fixes in Families version 1.0.1. Improvements made to the Families Sync program. Famililes is an iPhone/iPod touch/iPad (iPhone OS or iOS 3.1 or later) genealogy application that was … Read more

Families Temporarily Withdrawn From App Store

Just over a week ago, I mentioned a new iOS/iPhone/iPad application, Families for Legacy Family Tree. It allowed you to carry and sync your genealogy data from a Windows genealogy package – Legacy Family Tree. I’ve received a couple of emails pointing out that it’s been temporarily withdrawn from Apple’s … Read more

Adobe Photoshop Express 1.3 for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

Adobe has upgraded and rebranded/renamed it’s Photoshop Express mobile app for iPhones and iPod touches. The new name is Adobe Photoshop Express, with the version being version 1.3. It is still free. Adobe Photoshop Express is an iOS app that allows you to edit photos, as well as upload them, … Read more

Families 1.0 Released – For Legacy Family Tree

There is a new iOS / iPhone OS genealogy application in town, one that is paired up with a desktop application. BUT! It’s not what you might think – a Mac OS X genealogy application such as MacFamilyTree and MobileFamilyTree. Instead, we are finally seeing some movement on the Windows … Read more